Our payment options and conditions

Security guaranteed

Safe bank and/or credit card data processing. Your bank/credit card data will be transfered through SSL security keys, who are partners with TC TRUSTCENTER and SAFER which garantees a completely safe bank/credit card payment on our website .

* All the information you will provide during payment won't be registered in our server. When placing a new order, you will have to enter again your card information.

Payment with debit note (valid in Germany only)

This payment method is only available for customers with a bank account in Germany.

Payment after delivery via bank transfert.

This payment method is only available in Germany and Austria.

Security for shopping online using your credit card.

Credit card payment

You can pay with Master Card or Visa. 

You will have to enter all your card information on our website during check out. The total amount will be reserved and then debited from your bank account after delivery. In some specific situation, we reserve the right to debit your card immediately.

Security: Your card information won't be registered in our server in order to protect you from any type of fraud. This means that during your next order, you will have to enter all your card information again.

Payment with PayPal

As another payment method, you have PayPal (e-Bay payment system). If you wish to pay via PayPal, you must have a PayPal account. If you wish to creat an account, go to : www.paypal.com

Pre-payment (bank transfert)

Once your order is registered in our database, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all the necessary information for your payment. We will start producing your order once we receive the payment.

KEEP IN MIND: For technical reasons, this payment method can generate a small delay.

Cash payment

Cash on delivery

This payment method is not available for Art-prints-on-demand.com. This payment method is done upon delivery. Cash payment only. Checks and/or credit cards are not accepted. Please have the exact amount ready in cash for the deliveryman.

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