Wassily Kandinsky ( * 16. Dezember 1866 † 13. Dezember 1944 )

Wassily Kandinsky

Biography Wassily Kandinsky
* 4. Dezember 1866 † 13. Dezember 1944

Vassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter, graphic artist and theorist of abstract art. He was born in Moscow in 1866 and spent his childhood and youth in Odessa. After studying law and economics, Vassily Kandinsky realized artworks and paintings of a style we may call "late Impressionism."

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He became a professional artist after moving to Munich. There, Kandinsky studied at a private art school and later at the Munich Art Academy, where he was a student of Franz von Struck. During his time in Munich, Kandinsky met Gabriele Münter and together they developed a group of expressionist artists. Franz Marc joined them and became one of Germany’s most important artists group: "Der Blaue Reiter".

With the outbreak of World War I, he was forced to return to Moscow. In Russia, he taught for several years in revolutionary art academies. In 1922, Kandinsky returned to Germany and became one of the main head teachers at the first Design School: the Bauhaus. This period ended abruptly with the closure of the Bauhaus by the Nazis in 1933.

Kandinsky moved to France, but it was difficult for him to gain recognition as an artist because cubism, surrealism and abstract painting were not appreciated at the time.

Kandinsky died on December 13, 1944 in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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