Children's room decoration. Contemporary Surrealism by Catrin Welz-Stein

Diverse playful art


Your own room is the best place for ideas and creativity, so the environment should be colorful and inspiring - so that people enjoy playing, painting, laughing, reading and sleeping together here.

Art stimulates the imagination of the little ones and at the same time conjures up a cozy retreat for the kids.

With colorful art prints on the wall, a dreary room becomes a room of its own, where babies and children can grow up full of joie de vivre.

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Terribly cool children's room


Children love animals. Every child will find it cool to have their own favorite animal as a mural image above their bed or dresser.

Whether you child likes farm animals such as a horse, a cow or a beetle or exotic animals such as monkeys, giraffes and parrots :

Find the right companion for the children's room as a graphic art print in our animal collection.

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Children's and baby rooms with animal friends on the wall
Be careful ! - Alessandro Catta
climb - Ridha

Choose the right colors


Children love it colorful. And not without reason. Because colors stimulate our senses, invite you to dream and can even influence our well-being.

The choice of the right room color cannot be said in general terms. If your children are already older, they will certainly be happy to help decide. Either way, it is always suitable to use muted colors in pastel.

Powder pink, baby blue or sorbet yellow: pastel colors can be easily combined, as they all have white as their basic tone. So you don't have to stick to one or two basic colors.

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Want some more inspiration?

Print your own pictures on canvas, paper, wood, glass or aluminum bond

Your own pictures

On canvas, paper, wood, glass and ...

Keep the unforgettable moments forever, beautifully unframed and in the best quality.

Hang pictures on the wall properly, hanging: Hanging in rows. Hanging pictures in a row can tell a story or represent a scene. Hanging automatically connects the motifs with each other.

Suspension in a row

All in a row!

In case you want to hang the paintings in a row, the images can be placed along an imaginary central line.

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