Franz von Stuck ( * 1863 † 1928 )

Self Portrait of Franz von Stuck - (1863 - 1928)

Short biography of Franz von Stuck

Franz von Stuck was born on February 23, 1863 in Tettenweis (Bayern). His father was a miller. He attended art schools and art academy in Munich.

He created with his fellow Wilhelm Trübner the Munich Secession art mouvement in 1892. He also tought as a professor in the Munich Art Academy. Among his students, there were Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Josef Hengge, Georges Kars, Paul Stollreither and Heinrich Strieffler. He received a medal from the King of Bayern in 1906 for his work and he became a noble, so he has since the title of "Knight".

His work was influenced by Arnold Böcklin. His paintings are full of symbolism, allegories and fairy tales. Several of his "XXL" works have even an erotic character.


Wall art prints and famous paintings by Franz von Stuck
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