Vincent van Gogh ( * 1853 † 1890 )

Vincent van Gogh (Self-portrait, 1887)

A Journey from Genius to Madness to Immortalized Art


Vincent van Gogh, born on March 30th, 1853, in Groot-Zundert near Breda in the Netherlands, was a complex figure marked by both genius and madness. The son of a pastor, he initially embarked on a career in the art market, working in prominent cities like Hague, London, and Paris.

From 1869, Vincent van Gogh was deeply involved in the art market and even aspired to follow lectures in Brussels to become a preacher like his father. It was in 1879 that he decided to fully commit to painting, inspired by the encouragement of his cousin.

During the years 1883 to 1885, in the city of Mauve, Vincent van Gogh produced artworks characterized by ashen and dark colors. This color palette would undergo a significant transformation when he moved to Paris in 1885. Funded and introduced into the Impressionist circles by his brother Théo, van Gogh's paintings became noticeably more colorful, bright, and joyful.

In 1888, Vincent van Gogh relocated from Paris to Arles. Here, the psychological challenges he faced escalated rapidly. It was during this time that a quarrel erupted between him and his friend Gauguin, leading van Gogh to self-mutilate by cutting off his ear. In 1890, he moved to Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris, to be under the care of Dr. Gachet, an amateur painter and connoisseur of Impressionist art. Tragically, van Gogh shot himself on July 27th, 1890, and died two days later.

Van Gogh's paintings from his time in Provence showcased a unique artistic style, characterized by hot and bright colors, setting him apart from pure Impressionism. Alongside artists like Gauguin, Cézanne, and Munch, Vincent van Gogh became a pioneer of Fauvism and Expressionism. Despite living on limited means and being financially dependent on his brother, today, Vincent van Gogh's paintings are among the most renowned and expensive artworks in the world.


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