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With the help of a frame, you can put forward the art image even more and emphasize the colors, the light and the atmosphere in the picture.

The frame also plays a very practical role because it protects the picture from environmental pollution.

The biggest harmful substance for your pictures are UV rays, the ozone content in the room air, dust and moisture. These external influences dramatically accelerate the aging process of the image, attacking the colors and causing the fading.

Protect your art picture with the right frame!

Floater frame with picture


Floater frames have an L-shaped profile. "Shadow gap" is the name given to the gap that arises between the stretcher frame and the frame. The two are screwed together.

This creates a floating effect, which optically decouples the picture from the frame. Ideal for canvas prints.

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Massive and stained wood frames have a pleasant and natural effect. They ground the motif in light, warm tones and create a homely atmosphere.

The alternative with a black wooden frame looks classy and discreet. The natural wood grain also makes each frame truly unique!

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Aluminum frame with picture By a bouquet of flowers by Renato J. Lopez


Aluminum frames are ideal for cool and reserved rooms. Casually elegant and at the same time robust and stable, they are a real eye-catcher in modern interiors.

They are available in a matt, glossy or brushed look and set individual accents.

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Gallery frames are the all-rounders among picture frames: With their simple and minimalist design, they flatter any motif.

They are only painted after gluing, which means that miter cuts are no longer visible. This creates timeless companions with a silky matt surface.

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Baroque frames are aesthetic, splendid frames that refine your picture with a striking golden look.

The ornaments on the profiles show acanthus leaves (“acanthus” is a genus of plants) or grain patterns. They have always been a sign of luxury and are perfect for motifs from the Baroque period.

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Style frame with picture


Style frames are the more subtle sisters of the baroque frames: They use a slight gold and silver shimmer and thus make stylish statements.

Sie werden gegossen, die Leisten sind reichlich verziert und edel lackiert.

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Golden frames are one-offs and therefore truly unique. One of the features is that the frames are worked across corners and therefore do not show any miter cuts.

Available in shiny silver or shiny gold and in combination with rich black.

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Modern picture frame alternative

Canvas prints can be stretched on a stretcher frame as desired. The stretcher bars do not have the function of a picture frame but serve as a fixation for the canvases.

Four strips are wedged together and the picture gets a special strength. The adges of the canvas print stretched on bars are a mirror image in the same color as the front picture.

It is also possible to retighten the stretcher frames yourself. This is always necessary if the image has been exposed to strong moisture.

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