Customers' comments for: Diana und Aktaeon

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Dear Ms. Diana Kruse,
I have just seen on My Account Page a new thumbnail, of my print, Titian - Diana and Actaeon. And I am very much happy, it is so nice, and fantastic, it is seemingly indistinguishable from the original painting.
As it can be seen on the central figure - who is sitting on the side of the well - the original dynamic light and shadow relationships, as seen on her body, on her thigh.. The upper part of the picture is all ritht now.
Titian invested all his talent, energy and skill when he painted this unparalleled painting in human history.
Previously I have working in the USA and traveled extensively in connection to my profession and work, and I was able to see all the major Museums, Galleries of the World.
And also I am a painter myself, with more than 20 years of atelier training and practice.
I am especially grateful to you, as you have been so kind, helped me to find the nicest solustion for my print. Thank you very, very much!
As a matter of fact, in the past I ordered similar things, from large companies, but they never answered my questions, and their works were delivered "as it is".
Your company is superb, with attentive and highly skilled people there, who are capable to produce excellent and outstanding works.
I will recommend your company to all my friends, and people asking for advice.
Thank you once again!
With my best and warmest regards, and best wishes in your work there.
Yours very sincerely,
Janos H.

Dear Ms. Diana Kruse,
on June 19 I have got my Titian's Diana and Actaeon of which you have made for me.
It is very nice, excellent, gorgeous!
Thank you once again!
With my best and warmest regards, and best wishes in your work there.
Your very sincerely,
Janos H.