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The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus

5,00 (11 Evalutation)
Print is wonderful.
61 x 38 cm  
Print on canvas (390g)
De klant was tevreden
92 x 58 cm  
Fine Art papier, mat (230g)
Was netjes, maar toch liever canvas. Dat was niet te bestellen toen
40 x 25 cm  
German Etching (310g Hahnemühle)
De klant was tevreden
98 x 62 cm  
Canvas (390g) |100 % katoen )
Je vous remercie vivement pour cette reproduction De BOTTICELLI,je suis restée a bouche ouverte, quand je l'ai sortie du rouleau. TRÈS. BEAU
160 x 101 cm  
Fine Art papier, mat (230g)
Gorgeous print
124 x 78 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
The customer was satisfied
90 x 57 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
I received the print and it is just wonderful. And now VENUS IN THE HALF SHELL is hanging in our bedroom!
60 x 38 cm  
Fine Art Print Poster Paper (230g)
I ordered the Birth of Venus by Botticelli for my girlfriend's birthday. She was so happy when she opened it. It is excellent quality and arrived in a timely manner.
91 x 59 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)
Colors, texture, condition all great
96 x 62 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)

Thanks for the hyperlink Jeremiah, now we know. Our picture looks amazing on the wall which was painted specially to receive it.

Janis S.

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