Customers' comments for: Cloister Cemetery in the Snow (burned 1945) historic photo (1902)

Cloister Cemetery in the Snow (burned 1945) historic photo (1902)

Cloister Cemetery in the Snow (burned 1945) historic photo (1902)

4,58 (12 Evalutation)
The print and frame look great!!
102 x 74 cm  
Print on canvas with varnish (410g)
The print looks great!
66 x 48 cm  
Print on canvas (390g)
The customer was satisfied
66 x 47 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)
A bit blurred on the lower angles
56 x 40 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
Merci beaucoup :)
42 x 30 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
The customer was satisfied
76 x 54 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)
I love my print! It came much more quickly than I expected. It was in excellent condition. And it looks better in real life then it did on the site. Thank you so much!
80 x 57 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
The customer was satisfied
38 x 27 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
Wij hadden dit schilderij voor onze dochter besteld. Zowel de afwerking als de aflevering is meer dan geweldig. Het schilderij ziet er puik uit. De lijst is mooi. De verpakking was meer dan in orde. De tijd tussen bestelling en aflevering was ook dik inorde. Ik had zo mijn twijfels want via internet weet je nooit precies waar je terecht komt. Maar dit was niet terecht. Alle lof, meer dan prima
70 x 50 cm  
Canvas (390g | 100 % katoen
Arrived on time and very pleased with the print
50 x 36 cm  
Photo Paper Print, satin coated (240g)
My Print arrived just to the dimensions specified. The only factor I wasn't anticipating was the pixelation that occurs when enlarging a print. Its a little pixelated, but its not noticeable apart from close inspection. Other than this, I am highly satisfied with the print I received this time around much like the first experience with Art-Prints-On-Demand.
60 x 43 cm  
Fine Art Print Poster Paper (230g)

Dear Kerrie,

I want to thank you so much for your kindness and attention. Not many people would have recognized me from my order after that brief conversation, much less gone to the trouble of calling to try to expedite my order. My (unavoidable) delay in ordering this has been really weighing on my mind, but you have made me feel hopeful that it will be in my hands before I leave town. Again, I thank you. I beg you for the name of your superior so that I may praise your fine customer service.

Oh, and I would love the UPS# if you come across it.

Amy F.