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The dream

The dream

5,00 (5 Evalutation)
Yes, it is exactly how I expected, though for some reason in my mind, I thought it would arrive already stretched onto a wooden canvas frame.Just a thought: It would make a lot of sense to give a neutral 1 inch border to such products, so that they can be stretched onto wooden canvas frames without losing any of the existing painting.
130 x 89 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
It's a lovely work and looks great. I'm trying to mount the canvas on foam board using "Spray Mount" and finding that it wants to roll back up after being in the tube. I guess I'll have to leave it under weight for a few days. Maybe I need a stronger adhesive?
149 x 102 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
Everything has arrived safe and sound and I have been very pleased with the pictures and how efficient the whole process has been. Thank you. Kind regards, David V.
175 x 120 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
Very pleased with quality of pictures
80 x 55 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)

Dear Kerrie,

The print arrived today and it is a beautifully rendered reproduction.  The image is precise, the colors are as true to life as I could have hoped for and the paper is of excellent quality.  As we say here in the South, "ausgezeichnet"!  Thanks for all your help,

Jeff K.