Customers' comments for: The Birth of Venus

De geboorte van Venus

De geboorte van Venus

4,62 (13 Evalutation)
De klant was tevreden
92 x 58 cm  
Fine Art papier, mat (230g)
Was netjes, maar toch liever canvas. Dat was niet te bestellen toen
40 x 25 cm  
German Etching (310g Hahnemühle)
De klant was tevreden
98 x 62 cm  
Canvas (390g) |100 % katoen )
Je vous remercie vivement pour cette reproduction De BOTTICELLI,je suis restée a bouche ouverte, quand je l'ai sortie du rouleau. TRÈS. BEAU
160 x 101 cm  
Fine Art papier, mat (230g)
Gorgeous print
124 x 78 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
The customer was satisfied
90 x 57 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)
I received the print and it is just wonderful. And now VENUS IN THE HALF SHELL is hanging in our bedroom!
60 x 38 cm  
Fine Art Print Poster Paper (230g)
I can't comment on the colours because I don't have the original painting in front of me, however I can tell that the resolution of the image that you used for the print is far too low for the size of this painting and definitely not up to the standard that you advertise in your website. I ordered a large print because the original painting is large but since the quality of your digital scan or original transparent is obviouosly too low for such sizes, I'd rather you told me and did not accept the order.
278 x 175 cm  
Canvas (390g | 100 % katoen
The print looks absolutely fabulous!
39 x 39 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)
I ordered the Birth of Venus by Botticelli for my girlfriend's birthday. She was so happy when she opened it. It is excellent quality and arrived in a timely manner.
91 x 59 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)
Het pakket is goed aangekomen, ziet er verzorgd uit.
60 x 39 cm  
Canvas (390g | 100 % katoen
Colors, texture, condition all great
96 x 62 cm  
Canvas Print (390g | 100% cotton)

Thanks for the hyperlink Jeremiah, now we know. Our picture looks amazing on the wall which was painted specially to receive it.

Janis S.