Christine Schirrmacher ( * 1964 )

Christine Schirrmacher

Christine Schirrmacher was born in Wuppertal in 1964. She has been producing paintings, drawings and objects since 1993 and is involved in exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. For 30 years she was a muse, student and assistant on the art side of the expressionist Merlin Flu. Christine Schirrmacher has been the curator of his artistic legacy and head of the collection since 2015. Today she lives and works in Schleiden.

Painting - traditional and digital -, collages and sculptural design are her artistic means of expression. She translates inspirations from scenes, movements, play of colors in the subject areas of man and nature into pictures and sculptures. A wide variety of materials merge into abstract figurative worlds.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Christine Schirrmacher
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