Sara Catena ( * 1967 )

Portrait of Sara Catena

Biography of Sara Catena

"My work is happiness"

"As a child, I was raised on a happy diet of traditional handcrafts and pots of tea, in a small country town on the coast of New Zealand. My parents were of the post-war generation that valued resourcefulness and taught me a deep sense of caring for the land and others. Both parents demonstrated the love of making/creating…my dad with drawing, timber or restoring old objects and my mum with wool, fabrics and thread. It was in doing these things that I, too, felt an incredible Happiness!

I developed a deep love of nature and her brilliant colours… I remember laying on my back in the luscious emerald grass, staring blissfully at the clear azure sky…I was in heaven. After thirty years of happily playing with colour, paint, textile and thread in my work it still excites me to craft a story or idea into life whilst those qualities I learned as a child are an integral part of who I am and how I work.

As a painter, I work narratively with acrylic, oil, pastel and thread on recycled textiles and canvas. These works express my natural delight and enthusiasm for life… a vitality and a joy that speaks to the heart. My textile art includes the lyrical ‘Nest of the Lovebird’ soft sculptures made with found and re-cycled elements, threads, and fused plastic."

"In the space between you and the work, is a bridge. My hope is that you cross that bridge and find happiness there."



Art prints and oil reproductions by Sara Catena

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