Herbert Rösler ( * 1924 † 2006 )

Biography of Herbert Rösler

Herbert Rösler (1924 - 2006)

Herbert Rösler was self-taught artist born the 15th June 1924, in Stuttgart-West, and was the youngest of three siblings. After an apprenticeship as a technical businessman, he moved to Africa when he was 18 as a volunteer tanker in the war. However, Herbert Rösler discovered he was a genuine pacifist. During his captivity, he worked as logger and cotton picker, where he wrote his first lyric verses and draw his first sketches. After the war, he originally wanted to study with Professor Willi Baumeister, but the former living conditions did not allow him to do so. After the war, he earned money with movie poster paintings, advertising banners, record advertising, etc. Around 1959, he moved with his young wife and two children to Cologne where he became the chief decorator of the record company Elektrola (EMI).

He organized among others decorating the former Calla tour, the Wagner Festival, the Bach Week in Ansbach, and more. After a few years, he took over the management of a plan studios for advertising photography.

He had a stroke as a relatively young man, which made him sell the Greater Studio at Westag. After his recovery, he worked as a freelance graphic designer for various companies in Cologne, such as Cologne perfume, the Gerling Group, the City of Cologne, the Cologne Zoo, etc.

In 1968, his life changed fundamentally by a serious, spiritual experience. He then founded the "Group 91". In 1983, Rösler had a very serious car accident with a part of the group 91. This cost him 90% of his sight. Since then, Herbert Rösler wore dark glasses. The art style of Rösler, which actually includes painting, printmaking, sculpture, architecture, fashion furniture jewelry design and poetry, prose and music, is called "Hadash" which means "NEW" in Hebrew. Rösler and the group 91’s life motto was and is "FOR A NEW WORLD". Herbert Rösler died on November 11, 2006 in Tübingen at the age of 82 years with the words "All is well" and left his friends of group 91 and spouse a gigantic artistic treasure.

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