Hanging in a row

Row hanging

What we call row hanging is hanging art print along an imaginary line. This classic hanging sounds very simple at first, but you have to pay attention to a few things.

Place your images in a row: row-hanging system

In a row following a line


The strict guideline for hanging in rows: A horizontal line on which all pictures are hung at the same distance from one another.

This hanging is particularly suitable to present several pictures in a series or a multi-part picture. If you want to combine different images, it is best to use motifs from the same art style. In this way you ensure that a harmonious gallery wall is created.

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Tips for preparing a row hanging


1. If you opt for images of the same size, you will create more accurate geometry. Then pay special attention to the distances between the images and the spaces between them. Because here small differences immediately catch the eye.

2. The row hanging can visually lengthen the room. Make sure, however, that the pictures are not constricted on a small wall and that there is enough space all around for the effect of this hanging. If your wall size is rather small, it is better to reduce the size of the selected images. Even hanging three pictures in a row unfolds its effect.

3. Instead of putting the pictures individually on the wall, a picture rail or a simple shelf can also be used. The line is generated automatically because the images placed all have the same starting position.

Variations in row hanging


The imaginary line on which the art prints are oriented creates an order of the images that can be loosened up, for example, by playing with different formats and different motifs. The pictures can also be hung close to one another without any spacing, or different frames can be used.

Depending on where you hang the picture wall, there is also the option of using a vertical line instead of a horizontal line. The pictures are hung on top of each other instead of next to each other. So you use the available space up to the ceiling decoratively.

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Masterpiece: Hang your wall pictures exactly on the edge?

With our tips you will master this hanging!

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