Zita Rauschgold ( * 1960 )

Zita Rauschgold - Self-portrait

Zita Rauschgold

Painting as an expression of life

Zita Rauschgold was born in Hamburg in 1960. In 2007 she discovered abstract painting. She participated in various courses, such as the Art Academy of Bad Reichenhall. Her motivation: painting as an expression of life.

Favorite subjects: The four elements and the effect of colors, vitality and transience, tenderness and strength, barrenness and abundance, the beauty of contrasts, the meaning of life... the search for the traces that life leaves in the world, recognizing the large in the small, the everyday in a new splendor.

Techniques: Painting with acrylic and materials, from memory or even using models for inspiration.

Inspirations: Construction sites, garbage dumps, nature, urban landscapes and weathered house facades.

Pioneer painters: William Turner, Mark Rothko, Helene Schjerfbeck, Helen Frankenthaler and various representatives of abstract painting and Surrealism.



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