Pierre Joseph Redouté ( * 1759 † 1840 )

Biography of Pierre Joseph Redouté

The king of flower paintings

Pierre Joseph Redouté was a painter and botanist born in Saint-Hubert in 1759. He died in Paris in 1840. He is known for his accurate and beautiful illustrations of plants, especially roses. He worked for the French Queen Marie-Antoinette and Queen Hortense. His most famous work is "Les Roses" (The Roses). Redouté is considered one of the most important botanical illustrators of all time and the founder of botanical flower painting.

In his lifetime, he created more than 13,000 illustrations of flowers, fruit and vegetables, which were used by scientists to identify plants around the world. He also published several books on flowers that are still used today by artists and art students alike as references for their work.


Art prints and oil reproductions by Pierre Joseph Redouté

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