St Petersburg fixing system (in a salon)

Like a Russian Tsar


The Petersburg hanging lives from the slight chaos and the combination of many art prints. It demonstrates opulence, but also the diversity of art and individuality of the owner.

As the name suggests, it comes from Saint Petersburg. The Russian tsars created a huge collection of almost 3 million works of art here in the former Winter Palace. Known as the Hermitage, this art collection is one of the largest and most important museums in the world.

In order to be able to present this large number of paintings, the pictures were hung close to each other up to the ceiling. This is how the Petersburg hanging was created.

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Design of the Petersburg hanging


The Petersburg hanging lives from the mix of sizes and shapes. You can add a very personal touch with your own photos, postcards or pictures you have painted yourself.

A large, single-colored wall is a prerequisite for the hanging to be effective. The pictures should hang criss-cross without too much space.

But if you have less space, you don't have to do without your museum wall. Simply hang smaller pictures with similar frames and motifs, this is how the gallery wall looks even in smaller rooms.

With reduced gallery frames, for example, the hanging appears calmer and more orderly.

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Petersburg Hanging: Instructions

It is important to place the images very close to each other. Also make sure that the frames do not share any axes. It is important to remain in this chaos and bring a detail that unites all the images: you must choose the color of the frame as similar as possible.

Further suggestions for hanging pictures in the Petersburg style:

1. Place the images on the floor first, so that you can see the optimal effect. Form a horizontal line that will keep you in line. Another vertical line can also bring a bit of order. But beware: not too much order, the chaos and fullness of the Petersburg hanging is intentional!

2. It is important that the wall is a large surface painted in a single tone. The brightest, the friendliest. The darkest, the most serious. 

3. The frames should be as similar as possible or at least have good harmony.

4. Small cardboard spacers or small toy blocks help maintaining tight spaces even.

5. Planned lines can be stretched on the wall with a chain to align the images.

6. The hanging in Petersburg allows the mixing of dimensions and shapes in an explicit and living way. Try it, then!

Petersburg hanging system with oil paintings

Simply special: oil paintings


Classic oil paintings with traditional images are particularly suitable for the museum effect. They give the hanging a high-quality appearance, so that a large overall work can emerge from many thrown together works of art.

But whether classic or modern: A hand-painted oil painting on canvas is truly unique. Your favorite works of art in high color brilliance with true-to-original brushstrokes make your home appear as splendid as the Hermitage.

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