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On, we believe that printing on paper is not just about the quality of the print. It's also about finding the papers that suit your needs and budget. Here is a good overview of our printing media and our prints on art papers.

We strive to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. We believe that each paper print is unique and deserves to be treated with the utmost care.


Schoeller Art Print papers stand for quality and sustainability.

Felix Schoeller paper printing stands for durability


The traditional printing papers from Felix Schoeller are known for their quality. These papers are specifically designed for artwork printing and are manufactured according to very strict quality standards. They are used in various fields such as graphic art and photography and are chosen for their ability to faithfully reproduce the colors and details of an artwork.

Moreover, they are certified to ensure forest conservation and durability (PEFC certification). This certification guarantees that the wood used in the production of our printing paper has been obtained from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that the forests are sustainably managed.


Fine art pasteboard, matte, 230g - Felix Schoeller

Fine art pasteboard, matte, 230g

Felix Schoeller - a thick and matte fine art paper offering the highest resolution and greatest color brilliance. Guaranteed indoor lightfastness for 99 years. The matte coated surface is ideal for prints using a wide range of techniques, including watercolor, pastel, and gouache, as well as pencil, charcoal, and pen.

Poster Paper, 150g

Poster Paper, 150g

Felix Schoeller - The poster paper has a good quality/price ratio and is resistant to UV. This printing medium cannot be framed but is suitable for direct wall hanging. It is ideal for printing posters, flyers, invitations, and other small format documents.

Main art collections suited for paper prints

Hahnemühle,  watercolor and handmade papers since 1584

Printing on Hahnemühle paper is synonymous with tradition & innovation


Hahnemühle is a company that can boast an incredibly long history, having been founded in 1584 in Solling, Lower Saxony. Since its creation, the company has focused on producing the highest quality and most durable paper, just like its founders.

Today, Hahnemühle papers are still handmade, acid-free, and produced according to strict quality standards. Their superior quality is due to their artisanal production as well as the use of modern and efficient production techniques.

These papers are often used for high-quality prints, especially with 12-color printers. Hahnemühle papers allow for non-reflective prints and offer the best possible color rendering, making it a popular choice for artists, photographers, and art enthusiasts in general.



Handmade \"Albrecht Dürer\" Paper, 210g

Hahnemühle - Similar to watercolor paper, it is lighter and has a thicker texture. This support is durable and ideal for any print and reproduction of drawings. We deliver the reproductions with straight cut edges but, upon request, they can be torn by hand in a traditional way. For aesthetic reasons, selecting a mat board is recommended.


Handmade "German Etching" Paper, 310 g

Hahnemühle - This valuable handmade paper is silky and soft, with a very fine surface texture (310 g/m² , 100% α-cellulose, white). German Etching traces back to the times of Dürer, who throughout his life experimented with various deep mold printing techniques, including copper engraving. Upon request, we can hand-torn you art prints' edges.

Watercolor paper

Watercolor paper \"William Turner\", 190g

Hahnemühle - This printing support is a sturdy drawing paper ideal for reproducing watercolor paintings or any other type of drawing. Similar to the famous Canson paper, it is naturally white and only made from cotton-derived materials. The edges can be cut straight or torn by hand upon request. For added sophistication, we recommend pairing this paper with a mat.

Torchon watercolor paper, 285g - Hahnemühle

Torchon watercolor paper, 285g

Hahnemühle - 285 g/m² · 100% cellulose, light white - The term "torchon" means that the material is thick. This printing medium is an excellent paper that guarantees fidelity to the original, durability over time, and the three-dimensional appearance of an original work. The resemblance to an original work is surprising.


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These classic and contemporary artworks are perfect for printing on fine art papers.

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Delicately curved lines require special paper. Discover line drawings by well-known male and female artists that look particularly beautiful on art print paper.

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