László Moholy-Nagy ( * 1895 † 1946 )

Biography of László Moholy-Nagy

Father of the lifestyle magazine

László Moholy-Nagy was born on July 20, 1895 in Bácsborsód, Austria-Hungary. He was a painter, photographer, set designer, typographer and teacher at the Bauhaus.

Moholy-Nagy turned to painting only after studying law in 1918. His subjects were non-representational and strongly influenced by Kazimir Malevich, the De Stijl movement and Constructivism. He taught as a form master of the metal workshop and director of the preliminary course at the Bauhaus from 1923 to 1928 and created the first German lifestyle magazine "Die Neue Linie". For the first time, a magazine was not titled in italics, but in universal sans serif. Moholy-Nagy's generous montages of black and white photographs and color surfaces were the key features of this magazine.

Moholy-Nagy married photographer Lucia Moholy (née Schulz) in his first marriage and actress and art historian Sibyl Moholy-Nagy (née Pietzsch) in his second marriage, by whom he had two daughters.

In 1934 Moholy-Nagy was forbidden to work in Germany and emigrated first to Amsterdam, then to England and finally to the United States where he founded and directed the New Bauhaus and later the School of Design in Chicago.

Moholy-Nagy died on November 24, 1946 in Chicago, where he was also buried.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by László Moholy-Nagy
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