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Minimalist interior design with art prints

Minimalism: simple, modern, clear

Cool tones and clear lines: the motto of Minimalism is "less is more". Discover minimalist art prints which can be an original and modern idea for the decoration of your home!


Minimalist images

The art of simplicity


Freedom from the superfluous is the main principle of Minimalism. However, if you want a minimalist interior, you have to choose the right pictures for your walls. The contrary: the right images support the trendy furnishing style and prevent the room from looking sterile or cold.

Geometricbodies, light colors and high quality materials are essential for minimalist furniture. Therefore, images with lots of white space and reduction to essential components are suitable for your walls.

Minimalist art is the proof of a simple elegance, which creates in every room a calm atmosphere.

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More space, more freedom


The principle of minimalist lifestyle is to make room for the important things in life. In clean, simple rooms it is easier to relax.

Whether in the bedroom or in the workspace, fresh ideas and new inspirations comen by themselves in a minimalist environment.

Abstract, minimalist photographs show unusual perspectives that leave the interpretation to the observer. The focus is not on the object itself, but on what can be made make of it.

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Photographs with abstract patterns for a minimalist decoration

In a line

Line drawing are simple and original. Just a dark line on a white background becomes a work of art. That's Minimalist art with maximum effect.


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Minimalist line drawing
Minimalist line drawing

Simple elegance


Black and white motifs are the perfect choice for minimalist decoration.

They are not only modern and timeless, but fit harmoniously into any room without drawing too much attention.

Illustrations in black and white are especially well suited because the strong contrast of the two colors provides clarity.


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Still life

Still lives are art classics and evergreen at the same time. The artistic arrangement of everyday things, such as flowers, fruits or bottles is just as beautiful as a photograph as it is as a painting.

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Simplicity - Stephen Clough
...he and she... - Daniela Bartosova

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Pictures for your living room

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