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Christoph Liebelt ( * 1966 )

Christoph Liebelt

Glass artist & painter

The work of Christoph Liebelt is based on a technique he has been developing since 1990 through paintings, graphic design and sculptural studies. He calls it co-co-painting (combining copy and painting). This combination results in intricate digital images, which are illustrated via different materials such as glass, paper or even light projections.

On one hand, the artist uses the latest technology for his artworks: scanners, digital imaging, digital printing, light projectors and photo laminated glass. On the other hand, he uses classic design elements such as color, charcoal and graphite. Liebelt, who also studied music, creates settings with musical images.

Since 2008, Christoph Liebelt has added barcodes on his artwork as a sign of a fast-paced world. They are used to identify products, workflows, overlays. The bar itself is a series of vertical lines in different parallel intervals, along with numbers, but each artwork has its own barcode.

Art prints and oil reproductions by Christoph Liebelt

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