Julius ( * 1961 )

Portrait of Julius

Biography of the artist JULIUS

The German artist JULIUS (also known as Michael Julius Schwarz), born in Saarland in 1961, is self-taught and no longer an insider tip. The contemporary exhibits in New York and L.A. and is extremely sought after in the art scene. JULIUS meets the zeitgeist with his works.

What do we see? Creatures from the unknown civilizations? From the past or the future? Living with machines or living like machines? Through his pictures, the artist shares with us his critical view of the consumer society, a questionable ethic and the effects of politics and the transformation of society.

The motifs are rich in details, full of harmonious colors, peppered with unknown writings and mystical compositions. And the longer one looks at the images, the more the semiotic meaning of the images becomes apparent.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Julius
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