Joaquin Sorolla ( * 1863 † 1923 )

Short bio of Joaquin Sorolla (1863 - 1923)

The Spanish artist was born on February 27, 1863 in Valencia. During his training as a locksmith, his artistic talent was discovered, so he took drawing lessons with the sculptor Cayetano Capuz at age 15. He was influenced of Francisco Domingo y Marqués, Ignacio Pinazo Camarlech and Emilio Sala Francés. In 1881, in Madrid, he learned became familiar with Velázquez’ and Riber’s work in the Prado and copied their paintings. Thanks to his successful exhibitions, Sorolla received a scholarship in 1885, which allow him to do a study stay in Rome, where he became a student of Francisco Pradilla and Ortiz. The same year, he also traveled to Paris, where he saw impressionist artworks that would later strongly influence him and his style. When he returned to Spain, he painted realistic artworks, took part in various international exhibitions and received many prestigious awards as well as well-paid assignments. With this money, he was able to move to a house in Cercedilla and a beach house in Valencia. Influenced by the work of French impressionists, he worked in the open air and his dark palette brightened: portraits, scenes, landscapes and book illustrations emerged. His favorite subjects were portrayals of life in Spain as well as beach paintings of his home town of Valencia. On August 10, 1923, the artist suffering from hemiparesis died in Madrid.

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