Johannes Vermeer ( Jan Vermeer * 1632 † 1675 )

Self-portrait by Vermeer

Biography of Jan Vermeer van Delft (1632 - 1675)

We know very little about Jan Vermeer's life. He was born the 31st of Octobre 1632. He married Catharina Bolens in 1650 and was accepted as a master in the Saint Lucas guild. Jan Vermeer died the 15th of December 1675.

With Hals and Rembrandt, he is one of the most famous Dutsch painters. His artwork is fascinating because of the color hamonies, the perspective lines and the light effects. His favorite topic is to paint women in her house intimacy.

His work started to be well-known at the beginning of the 19th century.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Johannes Vermeer
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