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Looking for ideas for your interior decoration? Look no further! Explore our stunning collections, featuring renowned artists and diverse decorating styles that complement current home trends. Our practical tips will help you lend your home an artistic flair that\'s sure to impress.

Whether you\'re looking to achieve a cozy, rustic feel or a modern, minimalist aesthetic, we have something for everyone.


Sources of inspiration for home decor

Welcome to our pages of inspiration for interior decoration! We are pleased to offer a carefully curated selection of stunning collections, renowned artists, complementary home trends, and diverse decorating styles to inspire your next home decor project.

Discover the fresh art of new artists for your next wall painting.

Forest images

Forest images

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Suggestions for Your Home Decoration


Are you looking for a suitable picture for a specific room such as your bedroom? We have wall decor ideas for every room in the apartment. If you are a trendsetter and prefer to align your home with current trends, you will find good inspiration on our home trend pages.

Are you interested in the right way to hang a picture? Then the section on picture walls is right for you: there we offer inspiration from row hanging to the Petersburg hanging. If you're just looking for a gift for family and friends, you'll find ideas in our gift tips!

Our best-selling art pieces


Explore our selection of classic and modern art images, among which you will find our best-selling pieces. Whether you are a fan of classical art or more modern trends, we have something to satisfy all tastes. Our unique and high-quality images will be perfect for bringing your interior to life, adding an artistic and personal touch to each room. Whether you are looking to create a warm and rustic atmosphere or a minimalist and modern aesthetic, we have the perfect image for you.

Browse our selection and be inspired by the renowned artists and varied decoration styles that we have carefully chosen for you.


Discover art styles


Are you looking for paintings in a specific artistic style?
Discover the classics of art history as well as contemporary modern art.
If you love photography, you will appreciate one of the world's largest collections of contemporary photographic art.
If you are more interested in graphic designs, we recommend our graphic art.


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