Ice Cream Colours

Ice Cream Colours - what does that mean? The trend is simply ice cream colors that stand out this summer. Mainly this means pastel tones in colors that look great.

But, of course, there are also more flashy ice creams and to find the perfect balance of this color palette is entirely up to the taste of the beholder. Because these colors can be combined perfectly, it is not easy to discover the most beautiful composition.

Yellow and Rose for your wall art

Strawberry & Vanilla

Warm yellows and soft pinks are real eye-catchers and are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. The yellow is summery and invigorating, the pink brings loveliness and grace into the room.

It is important that the colors match. Because we love to match murals and bring them into harmony with the environment, we can recommend you: Choose murals that match your decor or existing accessories. Colored sofa cushions or curtains, a prominent carpet can - in the truest sense of the word - set the tone. Color palettes are very helpful for orientation and visualization.

You can easily find works of art in a specific color through our color search.

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Mint and chocolate colors

Mint & Chocolate Chip

According to polls, chocolate was the most popular type of ice cream in 2017, knocking vanilla off the throne.

And in interior decoration too, brown is a color that is becoming increasingly popular. Mint, mint or pastel green are also in great demand in the establishment. Special highlight: Mint can be used in both modern and traditional style. White country house furniture, for example, fits wonderfully with minty accents. Green artwork by Van Gogh and Monet completes the natural look.

Ice cream colors for your decoration

Frozen Joghurt

Do you prefer natural and muted colors? With this rather frosty color palette you are exactly right. Because ice cream color does not mean the same color explosion, but also cool pastel. Revert to soft colors or mix different tones to create a change in your murals.

With our color search you will find your own perfect mix.


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Murals in berry tones

Mango & Berries

This cool heat does not emit many colors. The color palette from Violet to Orange creates a composition that is reminiscent of a sunset, rich in color and stands out. Take advantage of our extensive collection of images to find the perfect composition for your home.

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