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Henri Julien-Félix Rousseau ( Le Douanier Rousseau * 1844 † 1910 )

Portait of Henri Julien-Félix Rousseau

Biography of Henri Julien-Félix Rousseau (1844 - 1910)

Naive world of dreams

Rousseau was born on the 21th of May 1844 in Laval, France, and is a self-made painter who painted on his free time. He was inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, Pissaro, Redon and Gauguin. His artwork was described as "Naive" by his friends, and later by Picasso and Delaunay. He died in Paris on the 2nd of September 1910. His paintings depict a dream world with a lot of fantasy.



Art prints and oil reproductions by Henri Julien-Félix Rousseau

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