Edge-to-hedge hanging wall pictures

What is the edge-to-edge hanging?

When hanging edge to edge, the wall prints have to follow an imaginary line and to be hung along this line. The line can run vertically or horizontally. The art prints can therefore run above or below, or left or right along the line.

The edge-to-edge hanging in the dining room

Design tips for your hanging


The edge-to-edge hanging is particularly popular because it ensures a certain calm, which is particularly impressive on low walls.

There are many variations of the edge hanging possible. A wide variety of hanging can be designed depending on the quantity and format of the chosen art prints. This means that pictures can be hung edge to edge without any spacing. Or you can use several imaginary lines as a guide, for example a vertical and a horizontal line.

The choice of frame is decisive for the presentation of the wall images. Those who prefer to keep things tidy can work with clearly shaped gallery frames. Different frame types can also be combined for more dynamism.

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Choose the right art work


In addition to the choice of frame, the choice of tha right art works is particularly important for a beautiful display of art prints on the wall. When combining different art images, pay attention to the colors of the work of art.

You can choose different colors for a colorful eye-catcher wall or you can choose one or two main colors that are repeated within the gallery.

If the wall in the background is colored, it is suitable to display art images with the same color.

With the help of our color search engine you can easily find the perfect pictures for your hanging.

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Hanging with frame edge to edge

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Want some more inspiration?

Hang pictures on the wall properly, hanging: Hanging in rows. Hanging pictures in a row can tell a story or represent a scene. Hanging automatically connects the motifs with each other.

Suspension in a row

All in a row!

In case you want to hang the paintings in a row, the images can be placed along an imaginary central line.

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Dreamlike pictures


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