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Black & White
 Grey 80%
 Grey 50%
 Light gray
Earth Tones
 Clay brown
 Hazelnut green
Deep Ocean
 Deep blue
 Light blue
 Sky blue
Green Forest
 Leaf green
 Pure green
 Grass green
 Lawn green
 Pale green
Fire Colours
 Purple red
 Dark red
 Cardinal red
 deep red
Sunshine Colors
 Red orange
 Pure orange
 lemon yellow
 light yellow
Pastel Rainbow
 Mint green
 Bright mint
 Cream pink
 pastel yellow
Trend Color Very Peri
 Purple signal
 King Lila
 Blue lila
Painting Colours
 Matt Blue
 Wine red
Trend color Magenta
 Pink panther
 Rose pink
 Erika purple
 Rose purple
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