Art style Classicism

Frederick II (the Great), King of Prussia - Anton Graff


Two artistic branches: architecture and painting

Between 1770 and 1840, Classicism replaced Baroque art. Classic art and architecture were opposed to the late Baroque ones. Classic painting portrayed idealized characters and its themes were inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The emotional world of Rococo was replaced by reason and enlightenment during Classicism. For art and architecture, this meant a strict regulation of content, forms and colors.

An outstanding classic architect, painter and graphic artist was Karl Friedrich Schinkel who, as a royal “Oberlandesbaudirektor” (Construction director of the Prussian Kingdom), shaped the city landscape of North and East Germany.

This art style was replaced by a completely opposed art movement: Romanticism. The latter disagreed with the composition and the formal antique standards and favored feelings, passion and individuality as an art expression.


Available artists of the art style Classicism
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