Caspar David Friedrich ( * 1774 † 1840 )

Self-portrait by Caspar David Friedrich

David Friedrich, the Visionary of German Romanticism


Caspar David Friedrich, born on September 5, 1774, in Greifswald, Pomerania, was a monumental figure in German Romanticism. At a young age, he showed artistic promise and, in 1794, took his talents to the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. Just four years later, he relocated to Dresden, where he quickly gained recognition—his works graced the exhibition of the academy within a year of his arrival.

By 1810, Friedrich had become so respected in the artistic community that he was inducted into the Academy of Berlin, followed by a membership in Dresden's own Academy in 1816. His rise wasn't limited to Germany; Tsar Nicholas the First of Russia commissioned numerous pieces from Friedrich starting in 1820.

However, his prolific career was cut short when he fell seriously ill in 1835, compelling him to stop painting. He passed away on May 7, 1840, in Dresden, and for many years his work was largely forgotten. It wasn't until the early 20th century that interest in his artistic contributions was revived.

What set Friedrich apart was his profound engagement with the Romantic ideals of emotional depth and realism. He was especially captivated by natural landscapes, viewing them as almost divine gifts. Storms, dawns, and sunsets were frequent subjects in his masterpieces, each infused with the emotive power that defines his work.

Wall art prints and famous paintings by Caspar David Friedrich
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