Carl Spitzweg ( * 1808 † 1885 )

Carl Spitzweg - Self-portrait

Carl Spitzweg - (1808 - 1885)

Comic petty bourgeoisie

Carl Spitzweg was born on February 5, 1808 in Munich Unterpfaffenhofen, studied pharmacy and painting as an autodidact. Spitzweg himself came from the upper bourgeoisie.

In his paintings he caricatured the aspirations of the petty bourgeoisie and turned increasingly to landscape painting, where the characters are only funny frills.

His painting was initially influenced by the Biedermeier. Spitzweg's oeuvre, however, even though his later work was closer to Impressionism, is attributed to late Romanticism. Spitzweg died on 23 September 1885 in Munich.



Art prints and oil reproductions by Carl Spitzweg

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