Carl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen ( * 1798 † 1840 )

Biography of Carl Eduard Ferdinand Blechen

Light painted with impressive perfection

Carl Blechen was born on July 29, 1798 in today's Berliner Straße (then Luckische Gasse) in Cottbus. He was a landscape painter and also a professor of landscape painting at the Academy of Arts in Berlin.

Carl Blechen was a trained banker, but as a banker he was always involved in painting. In 1822, after three years in the banking industry, he began studying at the Berlin Academy of Arts.

Blechen's painting style was influenced mainly by his study trips. Especially the sun-drenched landscape of Italy shaped his art. His works were thus oriented more towards reality than the romanticized style of the time: a new realism. At that time, the public was used to the exaggerated portrayal of landscape painting, and Blechen ironically expressed these expectations. His pictures are characterized by breathtaking light and color effects. They show rays of sunshine and light in a completely new way and still impress in a special way today.

The artist suffering from depression died on July 23, 1840, shortly before his 42nd birthday in Berlin, where he lived. He was buried in Kreuzberg on the Dreifaltigkeitskirchhof in a grave known but to God.



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