Irene Brandt ( * 1955 )

Portrait of Irene Brandt

Short biography of Irene Brandt

Irene Brant – Joyful naive art

This self-taught artist lives in Hürt, near Cologne (Germany). Her cheerful artworks have been already exhibited in more than 20 different countries across the globe. Her paintings are currently exhibited in 13 international museums (Brazil, Canada, France, Bulgaria, Argentina, China, Russia, USA…). Her artworks were also selected by UNICEF as illustrations for postcards and calendars.  

For Irene Brandt, art is the perfect playground for colors. She has broached different topics, such as bubbles, paper boats, balloons, fish…

Her colorful fantasy universe will bring a smile to anyone’s face the moment they set their eyes on her paintings.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Irene Brandt
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