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Claude Monet


His name stands for Impressionism: Claude Monet.

With his turning away from studio painting in favor of open-air art and his dabbed color technique, Monet laid the foundation for this unmistakable art style.

The reproduction of natural and light effects are the focus of his works.


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Vincent van Gogh


He's considered of the founder of modern painting.

The Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh sets himself apart from the impressionism of his time with his bright, expressive color style.

The focus of his works is often the simple life in the country and nature. 


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Gustav Klimt


He is probably the most important Art Nouveau artist and shaped Austrian art history like no other:
Gustav Klimt.

His unique style combines figures, intense colors and ornaments to create a sensual and splendid atmosphere.

The depiction of women and eroticism is typical of his works.


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