Room with pastel tones paintings

Pastel tones

Pastel shades are perfect for the bedroom. They are bright and friendly and have a soothing effect at the same time.

Shallow colors give off a pleasant warmth. Sage green, lemon yellow or light blue are also super combinable with each other due to their similar brightness without looking too colorful.

Dusty pink is considered sleep-inducing and sensual, cream or nude create an intimate and calm atmosphere.

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Sleep peacefully in Skandi Style


Harmony and minimalism are the main elements of the Scandinavian furniture style. Skandi Style is perfect for anyone who likes things neat and simple.

Nude tones like light gray or beige are typical with natural materials like wood. Warm tones and graphic patterns combined with wooden frames fit perfectly in the Scandinavian inspired room!

Discover our Fine Art Wood Collection with matching patterns in the trendy Light Wood look.

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Skandi style room with framed art prints
Monstera Canvas Brown - Graphic Collection
Lady with orange hat - Egon Schiele

Modern elegance

With dark colors such as trendy dark blue or classic black, your room becomes a cozy retreat.

Strong colors look elegant and graceful and at the same time convey a sense of security.

Modern style can be perfectly illustrated with photographs

Discover beautiful photo art about love, tenderness and friendship in our Soulmates collection.

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Music of the Body - Ruslan Bolgov (Axe)
Sensual Beauty - Martin Krystynek, QEP

Dreamy and romantic


Intimacy and well-being are top priorities in the bedroom. Soft colors convey a romantic charm.

The era of romance lives in this world of colors and invites you to dream. Mysterious and passionate images that play with the border between dream and reality.

Images of landscapes but also of friendship and love are perfect as works of art in your room.

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Visit new worlds and places with beautiful landscape photographs.

Lost in the stars - Alfredo Costanzo
Galaxies Reflection - Toby Harriman

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