100 years Bauhaus - art that can be seen

Bauhaus is an idea, a vision of a time when industrialization had supplanted design. The Bauhaus idea follows the idea that everything should undergo an aesthetic and conscious design, which can be shaped. Bauhausdesign strives for a fusion of architecture, painting and sculpture. Here, technology and art should not be understood as a contradiction, but reconcile themselves by this vision.

In the interior, the Bauhaus style is minimalist, simple, like white with few colorful highlights and altogether traversed by a cool and at the same time elegant Simplicity.

In April, the jubilee month of the 100-year history of this style of design, we present a weekly editorial recommendation by our editorial team that sets the style with works by Bauhaus masters like Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee , László Moholy-Nagy, Oskar Schlemmer and Theo van Doesburg.

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Blue to the square

Blue is timelessly beautiful, the favorite color of most people and in the nuances Princess Blue and Eclipse (both PANTONE) also trend color of this year. In our first Bauhaus set we pick up this wonderful color in different shades, which harmonises fantastically with the accessories of the interior.

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