Konstantin Avdeev ( * 1954 )

Portrait of Konstantin Beider

Biography of Konstantin Beider

Painter and moving graphic designer

Konstantin Avdeev (known as Beider) was born in 1954 in a Siberian village during Stalin's period. Parents and relatives were deported to Siberia as Germans, where they had to perform forced labour and many died.

In the 1960s, Beider grew up in the town of Mineralnye Vody in the North Caucasus. He experimented with his artistic talent at an art school for children at an early age before graduating as an art teacher in 1973 after completing his training at the Stavropol Vocational School for Artists.

He then taught art and received numerous commissions from renowned publishers in Moscow and southern Russia for book illustrations as well as for the design of calendars and illustrated postcards. Soon his exhibitions were acclaimed in Zittau, Löbau, Görlitz and Dresden.

In the social field, he found the opportunity to put his teaching skills to good use: his commitment to the "Kindervilla" in Zittau produced an image brochure for the city of Zittau, the design of which was widely adopted by children under his professional guidance.

In 2010 Beider moved again, this time to Wiesbaden. Here he follows the call of the association "ErfolgReichLeben e.V.", for which he takes over the direction of the art school.

This is how Beider describes his art: "My work is characterized by a wealth of ideas. They concern the simplest aspects of life, including excursions into almost abstract representations of human destiny, between life and death. Many times they address our eternal questions about the meaning and purpose of life - serious questions that require a corresponding artistic representation. Beyond the academic constraints, I have developed my own style, based on a keen sense of manual guidance of the pen, an atmospheric and objective presentation, simple materials and modern digital media, a clear graphic language and an intuitive sense for a romantic and fairy-tale atmosphere". It is clear that beyond the classical work with brushes and paintbrushes, he is not afraid of new techniques: the use of modern digital printing techniques offers Konstantin Beider the opportunity to create his own, to smoothly expand his artistic tasks, but also to present his works in a contemporary medium to a wider audience.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Konstantin Avdeev
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