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Hermann Angeli ( * 1955 )

Portrait of Hermann Angeli

Biography of Hermann Angeli

Painter for passion

Born on September 11, 1955 in Traun, he lives and works in Linz.

The education received at the international art academies by artists such as Georg Brandner, Alfred Hansl, Manfred Hebenstreit, Alexander Jeanmaire, Peter Mairinger and Peter Tomschiczek have directed him towards an intense study of painting.

For the artist, abstract and informal painting is a constant search of the self, a dive into the depths of the soul to see the world with different eyes. It is only through this way of thinking that one is able to know one's self and one's feelings and thoughts.

"Where there is no true impulse, there is no art. If a work of art is not able to confuse the mind of the observer and force him to think differently, it is without purpose."



Art prints and oil reproductions by Hermann Angeli

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