Alu-Dibond art prints for your home

Aluminum prints - Alu-Dibond®

Our giclée print on an alu-Dibond plate is both modern and sophisticated, providing excellent reproduction quality that will last for years to come.

High-quality aluminum prints, XXXL format


Aluminum prints are an excellent way to showcase your favorite works of art. They are made from a special 3mm aluminum panel, aka Alu-Dibond (c), which makes them sturdy and durable.

Aluminum prints are high-quality artistic and photographic reproductions directly printed on a 3mm thick aluminum panel. This printing medium was originally used for photographs, which gives the prints a unique finish.

But you can also choose a classic work of art to print on aluminum. This material will add a touch of modernity to your favorite works.

✓ Extremely precise

✓ Ultra-HD printing without screen

✓ Greenguard® certified colors

✓ Lightfastness of 99 years (indoors)

✓ Format up to 150x300 cm

Artworks directly printed on Alu-Dibond

Aluminum prints of art images


Alu-Dibond (c) is a highly versatile material that is perfect for showcasing your favorite works of art in a sleek and modern way. It is a frameless support that is made from a composite material consisting of two layers of aluminum with a polyethylene core. This makes it highly durable and resistant to weathering, so you can be assured that your artwork will last for years to come.

We use a specialized printing process to print your images directly onto the aluminum plate. This process ensures that no adhesive is used in the process and that your artwork is of the highest quality. You can choose the size of your aluminum print, and we will deliver it to you with a hanging system on the back.

In addition to being highly durable, Alu-Dibond is also highly versatile. The matte printing support is perfectly suited for rooms or spaces with lighting issues. It is also highly scratch-resistant and easy to clean, making it the perfect material for high-traffic areas such as offices, lobbies, and restaurants.

Hanging system for Alu-Dibond prints

Advantages of Aluminum Prints


Color Accuracy: Our printing technology is among the most advanced, ensuring the best color rendering.

Direct Printing: Our process doesn't require any glue or other materials to be added.

Precise Edges: We cut our prints with diamond discs to ensure high precision.

UV Resistant: We guarantee that our prints will remain resistant to UV rays for 99 years.

Gridless: We print at 2,000 dpi.

High Quality Hanging System: Our prints are mounted on a high-quality Nielsen aluminum hanging system, not plastic.

Distortion Resistant: Our solid aluminum hanging system ensures that our prints remain distortion-free.

Clean Installation: Our prints won't leave any stains or marks on your walls, thanks to the felt pads on the back.


Large Aluminum Prints (up to 3 meters wide)


We offer the option to print your images on Alu Dibond for large artwork pieces. You can easily order suitable print models online up to 150x300cm. If you require even larger Alu Dibond images, please contact us directly at

Healthy printing techniques for your aluminum prints


We take pride in using only certified, emission-free techniques to print our reproductions on Dibond aluminum. This makes them perfect for decorating your home interiors or bedrooms. With our Greenguard® certification, you can be assured that our aluminum prints are safe to use and can be displayed in schools or daycares as well.

This certifies that products for indoor use meet strict limits on chemical emissions, resulting in a healthier indoor environment.

Casual wall deco with aluminum prints


Prints on aluminum are a refreshing alternative to canvas and posters: Alu Dibond looks particularly casual, modern and contemporary. How about an Alu Dibond print for your living room?


Water-resistent art for the bathroom


Aluminum prints are perfect for the bathroom: With their durable surface, they withstand moisture and wetness. For small bathrooms, we recommend XXS Dibond pictures.

Art image selection for aluminum prints

Discover our selection of classic and modern artwork images for your aluminum prints with hanging system.

Photo collections suitable for aluminum prints

There are many photo collections that are suitable for aluminum prints. If you are looking for options, there are a variety of themes to choose from, such as natural landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract designs.

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✓ Sustainable premium papers
✓ 100% solvent-free
✓ Best UHD 12-color art print
✓ Pin sharp & screen free
✓ Lightfast inside 99 years

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Your photos as dibond pictures, posters, on fine art paper, on glossy photo paper, on real watercolor paper, on scooped laid paper, as a canvas print, with varnish or hand-painted as an oil painting.

Choose exactly the measure and the Print media that best suits your photography and home decor.

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