Alphonse Mucha ( * 1860 † 1939 )

Alphonse Mucha - Self-portrait

Biography of Alphonse Mucha

Pioneer of the French Art Nouveau - Belle Epoque

Alphonse Mucha was born on July 24, 1860 in Ivancice in Moravia. Since an early age, Mucha was known as a talented child; it is said that he even learned to draw before running. Nevertheless, he began his artistic career as an autodidact. Rejected by the Prague Academy, he worked as a stage decorator in Vienna.

It was not until he turned 25 that he went to Munich for about two years to attend the State Art Academy. After his studies, he moved to Paris since it was the Art capital of all Europe.

His big breakthrough to the world of famous artists of the Belle Epoque was when Mucha got a job opportunity: to design posters for the then famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. His posters were ripped from every wall by art collectors.

In 1906, he married Marie Chitilowá. In the course of his life, he taught in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago and was an officer of the French Foreign Legion. He was also, like many other famous artists, a member of the secret order of Freemasonry.

Alphonse Mucha died on July 14, in Prague.



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