Albrecht Dürer ( Durero * 1471 † 1528 )

Self-portrait by Dürer

Biography of Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528)

An example for generations (1471 - 1528)

Son of a goldsmith, Albrecht Dürer was born on May 21st, 1471 in Nuremberg. He studied painting and drawing in the workshop of Michael Wolgemut. At the end of his studies, he travelled to the Rhine region to meet the famous Martin Schongauer who died before Dürer even arrived. In 1494, he left for Italy where he found the inspiration for his artistic work that will eventually influence the entire German painting. After he returned in 1495, he founded his own workshop in Nuremberg and then travelled again to Italy between 1505 and 1507. The following years, he was so famous that he received several orders from the emperor Maximilian the First. Albrecht Dürer died on April the 6th, 1528 in his hometown of Nuremberg.

Dürer's artwork is characterized by the attention to details and meticulousness. His drawings account for a major artwork and for an example for the future German, French and Italian generations of painters.



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