Aaren Grey

Aaren Grey's biography

"Addicted to black & white"

This is how fashion designer Aaren Gray describes his artistic interest. Born in Dortmund in 1978, it all started in 1982 with a sunflower. Aaren Gray, then four years old, made his first drawing of this flower. Art has always been a part of her life.

Today, Gray uses the expression of black and white as a logical step from the essential, skillfully translating her art. Graphic elements and drawings that can be both expressive and quiet come from Gray's repertoire. Inspiration can be found everywhere: in music, literature, films, talks, walks in the woods or in contact with animals and current events. History and many others give him the reason for his choice of subject and subsequent implementation.

With her art, Gray wants to penetrate to the heart, free herself from weight and distractions and perform a kind of inner cleansing process. The things Gray holds dear are freedom, sincerity, environmental protection, sustainability and consumer criticism. Her predilection for forests, tranquility, love and acceptance is also reflected in some of her motivations.




Art prints and oil reproductions by Aaren Grey

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